About Us

The Lewis County Business Recover Center

The Purpose of the Lewis County Recovery Center (LCBRC) is to:

  • Return business to operation as soon as possible as it is vitally important for economic recovery.

  • Provide integration of federal, state, and local resources including local grants for vetted small businesses.

  • Provide a focal point for the multitude of stakeholders in economic recovery to integrate into a single vehicle and avoid duplication of effort or confusing/inconsistent guidance.

  • Facilitate flow of critical information both directions (eliminate misinformation and fear).

LCBRC will be able to provide:

Case Management intake by trained staff which will involve case assessment and follow through, as well as providing professional resources for Accounting, Banking, Business Planning, Marketing, and Loan/Grant Writing.

Thank you for your community support!

The Lewis County Business Recovery Center was made possible by these generous donors. Thank you for caring about your community.

EZ Systems

Samantha Johnston